Jotius Investment Holdings

Our client base is Businesses focusing on the Manufacturing of Steel, Chemicals, Glass, Fertilizers and Fillers in Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics, Ceramics, Plastics, Paint, Paper and treatment of Gases.


Jotius Investment Holdings's specialised team is able to source a range of supplies quickly and efficiently from any number of countries in order to meet the varied needs of our customers.

Client Base

- Manufacturing of Steel, Chemicals, Glass, Fertilizers
- Fillers in Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics
- Ceramics, Plastics, Paint, Paper; and
- Treatment of Gases >

Target Markets:

- Fully operational mining companies
- Private sector companies
- Public sector companies (including municipalities, state owned enterprises , provincial and national departments.

Investments & Finance

JIH is able to offer personalised finance and investment solutions to our clients because of our close relationships with Banks and other financial partners. 


Jotius is able to provide a host of marketing solutions to its customers. Coupled with our other services such as risk and supply chain management it creates a personalised solutions for your business.

Supply Chain Management

Jotius is able to manage the transportation requirements of both suppliers and consumers, with a wide-ranging network of logistical service providers from inland trucking to bulk vessels.

Risk Management

JIH provides risk management solutions that fit our clientsโ€™ individual requirements and provide security for their future. With experience in financial markets and sound relationships with financial institutions, this facilitates access to the specific risk management instruments such as futures, spreads, options, and OTC products.

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